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Established in 1946 as a component of the American Physical Therapy Association, the Florida Physical Therapy Association is committed to meeting the needs of physical therapists, physical therapist assistants and physical therapy students in the State of Florida. The original proposed charter of the Florida Chapter of the American Physical Therapy Association was filed on April 11, 1950, in St. Petersburg, Florida. The President was Ellen Smith; Audrey Lester was Vice President, Pearl Brookman was Secretary and Mabel Nihoul was Treasurer. Ada Winstanley was the delegate to the APTA House of Delegates. The goals of the association are represented in the following mission statement:

The Florida Physical Therapy Association advances excellence and quality in the physical therapy profession through advocacy, education and services for its members and consumers.

In addition to our mission statement, the FPTA Board of Directors has adopted the following goals:

Goal Statement: PT professionals will appreciate and un­derstand the value FPTA membership, in comparison to the cost, leading to an increase in members.


Goal Statement: All legislators within the state of FL under­stand the practice and delivery of PT services and a majority of legislators are supportive of FPTA ’s legislative agenda.


Goal Statement: FPTA ’s public awareness strategy and ac­tivities are targeted and more effective in affirming the physi­cal therapist as the practitioner of choice for movement.


Goal Statement: The FPTA will support the leadership development of its members to understand, embrace and promote a culture consistent with Vision 2020.


The Florida Physical Therapy Association, Inc. is a Florida, not for profit corporation, recognized as a 501 (c) (6) entity by the Internal Revenue Service Code of 1986.

In 2009, the Florida Physical Therapy Association, Inc., restated it's Articles of Incorporation. The original articles of incorporation were filed April 4, 1950.


FPTA Organization Structure Map

FPTA Awards

FPTA's Past Presidents are as follows:

Ada G. Winstanley 1946-48
Ellen H. Smith 1948-50
Audrey C. Lester 1950-52
Edna Knowlton 1952-54
Hazel Robertson 1954-56
John W. Hedrick 1956-58
Andrew A. Orsini 1958-60
Barbara White 1960-62
Martha C. Wroe 1962-64
Fred M. Rutan 1964-66
Ivan C. Kline 1966-68
Joyce M. Flaig 1968-70
Thelma M. Holmes 1970-74
Barbara J. Bradford 1974-78
Frances Eckland 1978-81
Cheryl Hill 1981-87
Paul Hughes 1987-91
James A. Ball 1991-95
Nancy L. Watson 1995-99
Gary Walters


Mark Stoff 2003-07  
Catherine Patla 2007-09  
Sheila Nicholson 2009-13  
Kathy Swanick 2013-present  



Districts of the FPTA