FL Delegation to APTA 2014 House of Delegates

Accessible to Board of Directors, Delegates, Candidates for National Office, Component Presidents, Component Executives, House Officers, Nominating Committee Members, Reference Committee Members and APTA Staff.

Chief Delegate

Gina Musolino

FPTA President & Delegate

Kathy Swanick


2014 Delegates

Meryl Alappattu Eric Shamus
Bruce Anderson Amber Yampolsky
Sandra Davis Dan Curtis - East Central District
Becca Edgeworth Melissa Daly - Northwest District
Greg Hartley Steve Ambler - West Central District
Steve Levine Bruce Sack - Northern District 
Sheila Nicholson Arie van Duijn - Southwest District
Raine Osborne Thomas Eberle - Southeast District
Bob Rowe  

Alternate Delegates 

Aimee Klein - First Alternate Jamie Dyson - Second Alternate

PTA Caucus Representative

Brenda Dorman

PTA Alternative Caucus Representative

Kelli Walsingham

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